Stefan Sagmeister Biography

Graphic Designer and Typographer.


Sagmeister’s approach to typography continues to shock and delight. Who can forget his 1999 poster for an AIGA lecture that displayed the words actually carved into his skin? Sagmeister has also turned typography into an environmental art form by constructing words in – and out of – nature. You can’t help but read and reflect on the message.

The advertising commercial for Standard Chartered Bank aptly represents the multinational scope of the company’s business, which was formed in 1969 through a merger of the Standard Bank of British South Africa, founded in 1863, and the Chartered Bank of Australia, India and China, founded in 1853. International and exotic, steeped in cultural traditions and totally modern, the TV spot makes the bank’s philosophy feel sustainably organic and mindful of the global markets it serves.

For 40 years the brand of the investment bank Standard Chartered had not released a global campaign. The recent sponsorship of Liverpool is now the reason for launching the slogan "Here for good." Africa, Asia and the Middle East already receive a campaign to emphasize the brand promise to be a positive force in every business and assist communities in creating a prosperous and sustainable future.

The advertising commercial has Sagmeister's typographic touch. The way he employs type, people and the environment is amazing.