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True Majority PigMobile

From Design 21, Social Design Network

Location: New York, NY, USA

Problem: True Majority, an organization of American business leaders who are looking to steer 15 percent of the Federal Budget’s Pentagon spending to education, needs a way to present their message to as many people as possible in a clear, evocative way.

Client: True Majority

Designers: Stefan Sagmeister and Matthias Ernstberger

Solution: Sagmeister and Ernstberger designed several vehicles that travel the country and are parked in public spaces to stimulate conversation and promote understanding. The first is three “pigmobiles” which represent, in decreasing size, the relative spending for the Pentagon budget, education, and foreign aid. The second is a large “Oreo” pie-chart which breaks down how the national budget is spent. Each time the vehicle visits a new location, people are asked how they think the budget is being spent and are inevitably surprised to learn of the actual breakdown.

Completion: The pig mobiles were designed in 2002 while the Oreo van was completed in 2006. Both vehicles continue to be in use.